About The COO

Alana M. Timmons

COO of PockBitBlum, Inc.

Alana M. Timmons, the COO of PockBitBlum, Inc., is a traveling nurse that hails from South Carolina. Before Alana was a nurse, she was a self-taught graphic-designer & web-developer.

Through her career's journey, she has garnered networking & business-skills on each job while actively working on her career. PBB, Inc., her IBO, will provide agents with not only business-skills (i.e. becoming an independent contractor & completing contracts), but it will help them advance their careers further (along with providing viable income) if they choose to participate not only in just WAH solutions, but participate in resume services & web-development services offered through PockBitBlum, Inc.

  • Honesty.
  • Customer Service.
  • Compassion.
  • Goal-Oriented & Self-Motivated.
  • Integrity.

These are all qualities Alana, COO of PBB, Inc. expects to provide for clients & agents in equal. Alana currently has a BSc. In Sociology with a Literature Collateral, a nursing diploma, and is currently pursuing more educational endeavors. Her humanitarian background of helping & supporting others is why she started her IBO with Arise Virtual Solutions. Again, welcome, to PBB, Inc!

Applying to PBB, Inc.'s IBO as an Agent:

Applying to be an agent for PBB, Inc. is for good reason! We like to meet who wants to participate with us & see what you do & don't prefer! Through the applying process, you get to know what you're getting to, if you would still like to participate in the opportunity, & get to know PBB, Inc. as a company! Our FEIN# is 83-2715050 when registering as a new agent for our IBO!

Agents Must:

Provide themselves with their own equipment, work minimum 20hours per week, & be self-motivated enough to stay on task. As a contractor, you make as much or as less as you want!

Custom Web Design


Responsive / Mobile Sites


Email Design + Integration


UI / UX Expertise


Below is the Mission Statement for PockBitBlum, Inc.:

"Motivation is the fuel for success."
Here, at PBB, Inc., we are personable, professional, and client-friendly. Our mission is to give great services to clients while remaining personable and flexible to our agents. Our aim is to make this a client- & agent-friendly call-center and client-oriented, profesional IBO

These are the qualities that we try to instill in the overall atmosphere of the center & generally, everywhere. Welcome to PockBitBlum, Inc.!